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2021 PPCA Family Camp-out - Rainier, OR

2021 PPCA Family Camp-out - Rainier, OR


  2021 Portland Peace Corps Association
  Local 4-Night Family Campout


Thursday afternoon, July 1st thru Monday noon, July 5th


  Hudson-Parcher County Park, Columbia County, Rainier, OR
  about an hour from Ptld.  * Group Site 14 *


Hudson-Parcher Park is located four mile northwest of Rainier, which is 65 mins from Ptld. Turn off US 30 onto Larson Rd, then 1/3 mile to park entrance. Be advised that there’s no sign to the park entrance, so look for some kind of PC signage if we’re able to post something.

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   46.09156, -122.99697



  Everyone is welcome. It’s an awesome campground for kids!


  RVs, trailers, or campers should reserve their spot elsewhere in the park.   

  Link to the Park on



  There’s only one picnic table provided and only one fire ring. Bring your own table! Bring 

  container(s) for water. The spigot is close by but not in our site. There’s only one narrow 

  strip of shade so bring your canopy. Bring masks for everyone in your crew.


  Regardless of when you arrive or leave, pay $16 for each person age 12 and over. Kids

  under 12 are free. Pay on the PPCA website or by cash or check at the campground. Find

  Treasurer Brenda Michel.


  Register ASAP on the PPCA website and/or by email to:

  Include 5 details: Your name, how many total people in your crew including you, arrival 

  and departure dates, how many kids, and how many vehicles. The limit is 32 adults fo

  this event.