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Grants Program


PPCA considers grant applications on a monthly basis. Applications received during a calendar month are reviewed during the first two weeks of the following month and the review committee’s decisions are promptly published. Grants are made until each year’s budgeted grant pool has been distributed. When a year’s pool is fully allocated, the grant program will close for that year. Applications received after the program has closed will not be retained by the review committee. Information about the program’s status will be published on the PPCA webpage.


Grantmaking Procedures

The Grant Committee reviews all applications. Committee members read each proposal in full and may ask questions of the grant applicant (should clarification be needed).  The Committee’s decisions are presented to PPCA members at the association’s next business meeting. The committee’s recommendation is finalized by a vote of members present at the business meeting.  

Grant recipients sign a contract with PPCA regarding the use of the funds and report project impact at a PPCA business meeting or through the PPCA newsletter.


How to Apply

To solicit funds from PPCA please submit our Grant Application (Word document) along with a spreadsheet or similar document showing how the money is to be used. By our application deadline, send the electronic documents to our Grants Coordinator, Bill Stein, at billstein.rpcv AT

This page has the following sub pages.

Past Grant Awards

Guidelines for Grant Proposals

PPCA’s members have collectively indicated an interest in funding grants that meet these guidelines:


  • Projects from sponsors with a connection to Oregon or southwest Washington
  • Projects that meet community needs
  • Projects that empower the recipients
  • Projects with fleshed-out monitoring, evaluation, and feasibility plans
  • Projects that are self-sustainable at the end of the grant period

Past Grant Awards


Total number of grants made: 54   

Total amount of money granted: $53,746.

Average total granted per year: $4,886

Most years, the total was dispersed in two rounds.  Some years, only one.

Average individual grant amount: $995

Of all grants made (54/$53,746) about 14% (9/$7,650) went to domestic projects. All others were overseas.

See here a list of all past awarded grants.