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eUpdate February 14, 2020

PPCA eUpdate: February 14th, 2021

Portland Peace Corps Association

Columbia River Peace Corps Association


Cascade Festival of African Films

Upcoming Events
Monday, February 15th 6:30-8:00pm - Book. Group

The book to read is title Never Leaving Laramie, by John Haines (2020). Title will be announced when the book is published in fall 2020. Author John Haines plans to participate in our discussion. Online meeting via Zoom; email bookclub AT for the login information. 

Every Wednesday 6:00-8:00pm - Oregon Food Bank Service (In Person)

PPCA is volunteering at the Oregon Food Bank.  We are packing food at the Volunteer Action Center, 7900 NE 33rd Drive Portland 97211. Must be at least 16 years of age, and sign up individually the previous week by Friday evening.  Spaces are limited.  We work individually at tables with strict covid hygiene procedures.  For questions on signing up please contact Tom DeMeo at

Sunday 2/21 6:30-8:00pm - Membership Meeting

Join PPCA members for a member meeting and (virtual) potluck! From 6:30-7:00, we will have a board check-in and discuss any PPCA business. At 7:00, there will be an update on Bamcashe, PPCA grant recipient, by Tabatha Rood. Please email president AT for the Zoom link.

Cascade Festival of African Films

Not even a global pandemic can stop the Cascade Festival of African Films (CFAF). The beloved celebration of African cinema at Portland Community College returns in 2021 for its 31st annual run from Feb. 5 through March 10. For the first time in its history, the film festival will be presented in an entirely online format at  Over 20 free films from 18 countries! Most of the films will be available to stream on demand for several days after the premieres and some films will be accessible to anyone in the U.S.

Newsletter Photo Contest

Each month, one service photo from a PPCA member is featured in our Newsletter. If you would like a photo of your service to be included in a future Newsletter, please submit a photo from your Peace Corps service to and include 1) your country of service, 2) years served 3) Short caption to go with the photo (i.e. description of what is going on in the photo/where it was taken). As you Communications Coordinator, I have been having a lot of fun including more photos and graphics in these weekly publications. I am always looking for suggestions for how to make these publications more interesting, engaging and inviting, so do not hesitate to reach out with suggestions!

Andrea Franke 

PPCA Communications Coordinator